Estate Planning: Bequests

A bequest to the Essex Library Association allows you to support and preserve the Library’s mission as a free public resource for future generations.

Established in 1889, the Essex Library Association has been the beneficiary of many gifts from community members who have included the Library in their estate plans. Such bequests, sometimes referred to as “planned gifts,” can be made in any amount and are given by supporters of all ages with a broad range of financial resources.

A bequest to the Essex Library can take a variety of forms, including a transfer of cash, stocks, bonds, or other assets.

You can . . .

  • designate the Library as the beneficiary of a retirement account, pension plan, or life insurance policy.
  • include a gift to the Library in your estate or trust plans in either a specific amount or as a portion of your assets.
  • remember and honor loved ones and friends with memorial gifts.

Bequest Advantages

  • A bequest costs you nothing now and demonstrates your commitment to ensuring the Library’s mission and future success beyond your lifetime.
  • A bequest is not binding and can be modified at any time if your circumstances change.
  • Gifts to the Essex Library from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes.

By making your legacy gift to the Library, you will be recognized in the Captain Joseph Tucker Legacy Society and participate in special programs and events for members. (More information on the Legacy Society is available here.)

If you have additional questions about any aspect of a bequest, please contact Executive Director Ann Thompson to arrange an appointment. We can answer your questions, discuss the best way to structure your gift intention, and provide appropriate language to include in your plan.