How To Support Us

Why Give?

The Essex Library is a free public library for all three boroughs of Essex. We are an Association Library, organized in 1889. What that means is that the Essex Library is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, not a municipal library. We rely on private donations to provide programs, services and materials for our users.  This year the town of Essex will contribute approximately 49% of the Essex Library’s annual operating funds, the remainder is raised through the Annual Operating Fund campaign, support from local business and grants, and income generated from a modest endowment.

Gifts to the Essex Library are essential to our continued existence. Financial contributions can be made in many ways: through the Annual Fund, by underwriting programs and events, through endowment giving, and with planned giving support including bequests. And to all of our faithful contributors who have supported us through the years, a heartfelt Thank You!

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