Annual Appeal

Your Community Center for Lifelong Learning and Cultural Enrichment

October 2023

Dear Friends,

Recently, one of our Board of Trustee members answered her door to find her three-year old neighbor standing there. She declared, “We like to visit our books in the Library, they have our names in them!” This was her second visit that day expressing her gratitude to the Board member.

That little girl, Mevy, along with her two brothers had earlier benefitted from a kind gesture by that same Board member, who had donated books to the prized Essex Library Children’s Collection, personalized for each child with a dedicated nameplate.

The enthusiasm and gratitude expressed by this child is the best recommendation a library could ever hope for. It’s what we strive for and it’s what keeps our children and families, and our entire community, coming back day after day, year after year to learn, to imagine and to take advantage of everything the Library has to offer under one welcoming roof.

It’s also why your support is so critical to sustain the work we do to keep our Library vital and connected. In these changing times, we need now more than ever to engage our community and nurture freedom of, and free access to, information.

Every time you donate to our Library, you allow us to get better at delivering our mission. We expand our resources, including an ever-increasing need for our digital collections, enlarge upon our programming, collaborate with local partners on projects and inspire our neighbors in ever more creative ways to explore the unlimited possibilities that are free to all.

We count on your loyalty to make us an even stronger and more vital presence in our community.

Give today to ensure that children like Mevy and her brothers, and future generations, can take advantage of the boundless resources that literally open up the world to them.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference.


Betsy Sandberg                                         Pamela Dumas Serfes
President, Board of Trustees                  Vice President, Board of Trustees


P.S. Join the Capt. Joseph Tucker Society! For information on including the Essex Library in your estate plans, see the Support ELA page on our website.