Message from the Director

Richard Conroy, Library Director

June 2019 Director’s Message

I began my tenure as Executive Director of the Essex Library in June of 2008, and at the end of this month, I will retire. As is the case with any job, there have been ups and downs over the past eleven years. The financial crisis of 2008, for instance, stands out as an example of a low point. However, the good times have more than made up for the difficult challenges I have faced from time to time. I feel extremely lucky to have ended my career on a high note, working with a wonderful staff in a community that has repeatedly demonstrated how much they appreciate what we do, and that has supported us in so many ways.

Deb Smith, my successor, will start work on June 24, and I will step down on June 28. I am confident that she will do an excellent job, and that the future of the Essex Library is in good hands. So thank you, all, for everything you’ve done to make my time here such a pleasure. It’s been a great ride!