Message from the Director

Library Director

Richard Conroy

April 2018 Director’s Message

As you may know, the Essex Library has the ability to process your application for a new or renewed United States passport. During the month of April, however, we’ll also be issuing “Passports to Connecticut Libraries.” Over one hundred Connecticut libraries, including ours, are taking part in this program, which is sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association. We encourage you to visit “the competition” so to speak, since each library has its own architecture, vibe and collection to discover and browse. The program is open to adults and children, and the intent is to expose you to the amazing diversity of Connecticut’s public libraries.

To participate, visit the Essex Library, where you can pick up your “passport” and have it stamped to get you started. Then, take your passport along as you visit other participating libraries. At each visit, you must show your library card, and then that library will stamp your passport and give you a small gift.

If you visit at least five participating libraries and return your passport to the Essex Library by May 7th you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $150 Visa gift card for adults (18 and up) and a $100 Visa gift card for children (under 18). This is a state-wide contest where four winners will be selected: the names of one adult and one child will be drawn from the pool of all those who visited at least five libraries. There will also be a drawing of the names of one adult and one child from the pool of those from each participating town’s library who visited the most libraries in other towns. We are fortunate here in the lower Connecticut River valley region to have over a dozen public libraries within a 15 minute drive of Essex, so stop in soon, pick up a “passport” and explore the wonderful resources available to you through our state’s public libraries!