Message from the Director

Richard Conroy, Library Director

April 2019 Director’s Message

Spring is here, and Essex is a beautiful place to take advantage of the warmer weather by going for a walk.  While you’re out strolling we encourage you to stop by the Library to pick up a book or DVD, attend one of our many daytime programs, or simply take a rest and enjoy our beautiful facility.

We do have one request, however.  If you decide to take a walk to the Library please leave your dog (unless he or she is a certified service dog) at home.  Personally, I love dogs, and our black lab Henry is a wonderful companion.  Many people, however, particularly small children, are afraid of, or allergic to, dogs.  There are also times when the weather is very warm when even the sweetest tempered dog can be a little cranky.

We want everyone who visits the Library to always have a very pleasant experience.  Please help ensure that’s the case by leaving your pet home when you come to the Library.