Friends’ Book Sale


Book Sale Information


Books are sorted, categorized, and priced to ensure the best possible selection. We hold two large sales each year, have an ongoing sale all year, and hold “focused” sales occasionally.

What kinds of books/ items do you want for the sales?

We welcome donations of all books in good condition for both adults and children with the following exceptions:

  • No Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • No moldy, smelly, water-damaged books (dusty & old OK)
  • No Magazines, Including National Geographic
  • No Text or Course Books over 5 years old
  • No Computer Manuals over 2 years old
  • No Encyclopedias
  • No Vinyl Records
  • No VHS Tapes

In addition to books, we also welcome

  • Compact Discs (CD’s of music, etc.) in original case
  • DVD’s in original case
  • Unabridged Books-on-CD in original box

friends-book-saleWhen and where do I bring my donations to the library?

We accept donations all year long. Please bring them in any time the library is open. If you have a lot to carry, first see the person at the circulation desk, who will open the door near the handicapped parking space for you.  If you have MORE than 2 or 3 bags/boxes to bring in at one time, please call the library (767-0175) first to make sure we have room for them to come all at once. Please do not leave donations in the lobby; bring them to the circulation desk.

Then what happens to them?

Donated items are first screened for use by the library and then cleaned if necessary, sorted, priced, and put into categories for the book sale.  We do not have a lot of sorting room, so they go into category boxes in the order in which they arrive; nothing is alphabetized. Items that are are not in great condition are put on the free cart or sent to the recycling room at the dump.

Can I get a tax deduction?

The library will be happy to give you a form that thanks you for your donations but does not put a monetary value on them.  Just ask for the form when you bring your books in.

More questions about donations?

Please contact Peggy Tuttle at .

What categories do you use for the BOOK SALES?

Our categories are listed below.  But there are 2 areas with mixtures of all subjectsthe Book Carts and Over-sized Books.  Materials for children are at the end of this list.

Fiction: All fiction. Includes science fiction and fantasy (See also Small Paperbacks below). Fiction will also include large print.

Mysteries: A new category which includes all manner of authors.

Science and Nature: A new category to focus on all types of nature subjects. Book on scientific content such as medicine and health might be found in this category.

Other categories include Art, Foreign Language, Gardening, History, Holidays, Humor, Literature, Poetry, Biographies, & Drama, Military, Religion, and Travel.

Maritime & Sports: Includes many books about racing & cruising, boat repair & construction, waterway guides, journeys & sea battles, etc. There are usually some nautical fiction books in here too (“Master & Commander,” “Hornblower”). Other books in this category would cover other sports – hunting & fishing, golf, baseball, football, tennis, skiing, skating, martial arts, etc.

Miscellaneous: A large category, including philosophy & psychology, self-help & how-to, pets, interior decorating, crafts, woodworking, current issues, politics, business & personal finance, music & dance, medicine & health, statistics, electronics, computers, and recent textbooks.

Activities and Games: You will find coloring books, jigsaw puzzles, board games, and more in this category.

Audio-Visual Items: This category includes music cds, books on cd and movies. Music CDs are organized by category (jazz, classical, and so on.)

Book Carts: The carts hold some books from each category, in addition to extra-small books, blank journals/calendars, leather books, music notation (“piano books” and song books), children’s books more appealing to adults or those needing a little “protection” (like pop-ups).

Over-sized/Special Books: High-quality coffee-table books in good condition on all subjects. Included in this category are many unusual and unique items, some priced individually.

Signed Books: We will have a table of books signed by their authors/illustrators. These will be in alphabetical order by author.

Sets and Reference: This is where to find sets of books, hard-cover dictionaries, reference books, atlases, or anything extra-large and heavy.

Children’s Books: In addition to books for kids of all ages, we offer puzzles, games, and activity books. Kids sports, history, biographies, board books, and learn to read books can be found in this category.